Questions & Answers

If you want to ask us about any particular weight loss problem, simply click here for a personal reply. They may be used in future Q & A pages if considered helpful to others. Here are some current questions and answers.

Q: Can you help me to lose weight quickly as I am attending my daughter’s wedding in 6 weeks time?
A: You can lose 12-18 lbs in 6 weeks fairly comfortably through diet and some exercise, but we wouldn’t advise you to lose any more than that. People tend to forget that we gain around 3lbs a year over a 10-year period, and you can’t simply shed the fat that quickly. Yes, you can shed body fluid quickly, but this can be unhealthy and chances are you will end up heavier than you first started! SlimSeekers advocates losing around 2 lbs per week, which will be a permanent loss. And that’s over 3½ stone in 6 months!

Q: I have miraculously reached my target weight through SlimSeekers, and am now maintaining my weight through your advice. Thanks for all your help. I would now like to introduce more potatoes into my diet and wonder if sweet potatoes, which I love, are healthier than normal potatoes?
A: Sweet potatoes belong to a different plant family. Their sweetness comes from sucrose, not sugar. They are high in fibre and have a lower Glycaemic Index reading (44) compared to regular potatoes (88). So a much healthier option. But still watch size of serving!

Q: I’m thinking of asking SlimSeekers to help me lose weight, having failed many times before. Your one-to-one approach may be the answer to my prayers. But will you insist on me exercising every day as part of your advice? I have found this to be difficult in the past.
A: No, you don’t have to exercise, but we do try to encourage more activity. We would normally include walking subject to your personal circumstances. Our experience shows that regular exercise can certainly help to accelerate weight loss, and is just as essential for weight maintenance.

Q: Surely you must offer the same advice to all your clients? So what is so different about SlimSeekers?
A: SlimSeekers does follow a special weight loss philosophy that is adjusted to suit various types of people. We are all different. Looking at a person’s lifestyle and diet will identify the areas that we can change to achieve permanent weight loss. The changes we recommend can vary considerably between one person and another. Much will depend on that person’s diet or lifestyle in the first place. Some will need minor adjustments, and others may need a complete re-think.

Q: How long will it take to receive my Personal Advice Plan from SlimSeekers?
A: Once you have filled in the Questionnaire and completed your 7-day Food and Drink Diary, we usually send out your Personal Advice Plan within 2 weeks or less. If, for any reason, there is a delay, we will contact you personally and explain why. But this is very unlikely.

Q: It seems to me that motivation is a key ingredient to any weight loss, so what can you do to help motivate people? Especially me?
A: You are absolutely right. Our philosophy is built around 3 D’s – desire, determination and discipline. If you don’t have all three before you start then we would advise you not to try and lose weight - concentrate on not gaining weight rather than weight loss. This can be a good starting point. Bear in mind that once our clients have achieved their weight loss they don’t feel like they are on a diet any more. They have simply changed their lifestyle so gradually that it is difficult to go back to their old ways. Motivation is then not required.

Q: I get totally confused when I try to read food labels. They are all so different and blind you with science. Can SlimSeekers help with this?
A: It is very important for you to be able to read food labels when making food choices for you or your family. Research shows that 70% of people can’t understand them, 40% haven’t the time, and 20% can’t read them because they are too small. So not good news! We do cover information on reading and understanding food labels in our Personal Advice Plans.

Q: I understand that the SlimSeeker's weight loss philosophy is based around the Glycaemic Index. Does this mean it is similar to the Atkins Diet with little or no carbohydrates? So, for example, would rice feature in your recommendations?
A: Not eating any carbohydrates would be unhealthy and dangerous, and certainly difficult to sustain for a long period! We do use the Glycaemic Index to help identify foods that raise sugar levels, although we also look to remove ‘bad’ fats and sugar from a diet. As far as rice is concerned, we would recommend using either boiled Basmati or brown rice.