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Questionnaire & Food Diary
Questionnaire & Food Diary

The best way to lose weight is to adjust YOUR diet to suit YOU. A one-diet solution just doesn’t suit all. SlimSeekers will carry out a complete analysis of your existing diet, and then give you alternative choices to give a guaranteed and permanent weight loss - quickly, efficiently, and for the long-term.

For a small one-off fee you will have your own personal weight loss guru!

There are no fad or gimmicky diets to be found here. Although you may be pleasantly surprised by your initial weight loss and appearance, you need to think in terms of losing weight gradually - around 1-2lbs a week. This amounts to over three and half stone in six months - more than enough for most of us!

Recipe Ideas
Snack, recipe & working lunch ideas

The majority of my clients average a loss of 2lbs a week and, most importantly, the weight stays off forever.

Here’s how it works

First of all go to the online payment section to order your Personal Advice Plan.

Complete details as requested, make your payment and you will then be able to download and print your Questionnaire and Food Diary.

Simply fill these in, (the Food Diary needs to be completed over a period of a week), then pop them both in the post back to me.

Based on your answers I will formulate recommendations for every aspect of your diet and lifestyle. The Questionnaire has been especially designed to avoid long and expensive interviews.